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Lawrenceville Chiropractor

Our Lawrenceville chiropractors have gained the reputation of providing outstanding chiropractic service. Our Lawrenceville chiropractor genuinely takes delight in fulfilling the needs of the community with superior health care using only tried-and-tested safe, natural and non-surgical therapies to assuage pain and symptoms, and support optimum health. For this purpose, family chiropractic care takes on a special significance to each of the Lawrenceville chiropractors.

We've based our care methods on the assessment of the pain and dysfunction of each part of the body. The Lawrenceville chiropractors have studied various chiropractic techniques to identify and treat each specific patient's condition. The first step of the process is the proper diagnosis, and the Lawrenceville chiropractor is trained to correctly diagnose your problem.

The main concern of the Lawrenceville chiropractors is to use chiropractic care in helping patients achieve their wellness goals. The Lawrenceville chiropractor envisions the re-creation of long-term health, in addition to relieving pain and symptoms. For this reason, the Lawrenceville chiropractors also aim to build a chiropractic treatment regimen that will help you achieve maximum wellness. At each clinic, you can expect the latest techniques and leading innovations, including nutritional counseling and guidance from the Lawrenceville chiropractor.

Each new patient is different, and we understand your needs are different. Our Lawrenceville chirorpactor tailors the treatment plan specifically for each individual. If you're thinking about seeking chiropractic care want to schedule a consultation with one of the Lawrenceville chiropractors, give us a call today! A Lawrenceville chiropractor standing by, ready to help!

Welcome From Dr. First Choice Accident & Injury Care
Dr. First Choice Accident & Injury Care

YOU PAY NOTHING. We Bill The At-Fault Insurance Company. *Auto Accident Injury Specialists* Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Leg Pain & More. We treat the following injuries: 1) Auto Accidents 2) Slip & Falls 3) Workman's Comp Cases We Do Not Accept Medicaid or Medicare....

The Background and Progression of Chiropractic: The Basis to the Schooling of Chiropractic Physicians
Chiropractic care goes back a long time ago. As far back as 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C., Chinese and Greek literature mentioned spinal manipulation as a pain reduction method and treatment of the lower...
Things that Likely Lead To Upper Cervical Distress and Holistic Therapies that Possibly Provide Relief
The neck starts at the base of the skull. Your cervical spine (the neck) has seven vertebrae. Your neck is what holds your head upright, which actually weighs several pounds ? this is quite a job....
Diagnosing Subluxations of your Spine Plus Being Aware Of Therapy Resources
According to chiropractic terminology, a "subluxation" is a dislocation of the vertebrae that hinders function. The chiropractor locates the spot in which to perform spinal adjustments as a result...

My accident turned my world upside down. I went to the ER after my accident, however, my pain really didn

I was rear-ended while sitting at a red light. Although went to the ER, I called FIRST CHOICE ACCIDENT & INJURY CARE the next day. They immediately had me evaluated bya...

FIRST CHOICE ACCIDENT & INJURY CARE provided me with kind, gentle and effective care that everyone deserves when they are in discomfort or severe pain. Thank you so much...

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